Have you ever wondered how someone finds their septic tank? There are many ways, but the easiest by far is locating the septic tank riser. This device allows an you to find where your tank is located when maintenance has to be done. To find a riser just look for a concrete or plastic disk a ground level in your yard. It maybe concealed with a synthetic rock or landscape rocks that are easily moved.

The challenge comes when you don’t have a septic tank riser installed. If this is the case searching for you septic tank can become a difficult and time consuming. In many cases you’ll have to hire a contractor to do find it and it will cost you extra money.

If you find that you don’t have a septic tank riser installed then I highly recommend that you install one.

Benefits of a Septic Tank Riser

The riser will prevent you from having to dig up your yard each time that you need to access the septic tank. There are several communities that now require you having a septic tank riser regardless of the age of the septic system. The riser is a hollow cylinder that is usually connected to the top most portions of the tank and over both the outlet and inlet openings. The top of the septic riser will ideally be at ground level and it must have a cover. Well-installed risers will give you easy access to all the important components of your septic system.

There are three kinds of septic tank risers. These are PVC, concrete and high density polyethylene. The concrete risers are very heavy so they require some amount of effort to install. In addition to this the lids that they come with are very difficult to lift because they are solid concrete.

You will want to bury most of your riser in the ground since they’re nothing special to look at and you don’t want to have to build your landscaping around them. You also want to ensure that the lid is watertight and secure because surface water can enter your septic tank through the riser and that can cause problems.

On the other hand, if you choose a septic tank riser that is made from PVC installing will be a lot easier because of their light weight. The lid is made from fiber glass so it’s also very light. These septic tank risers come with two gaskets so they are easy to fasten to the septic tank and are resistant to water.

If you are interested in a septic tank riser that is made from polyethylene you should know that it can be difficult to firmly attach it to the septic tank. This is because most adhesives will not bond easily with polyethylene. You should also note that a lid made of polyethylene is not as sturdy as one of fiber glass. For this reason, the polyethylene lid is usually domed for additional strength. This will cause the lid to stick above the grade.

Which if the three septic tank risers you choose to install is up to you, just make sure you pick one and install it. Better sooner than later.